How to update one occurrence of a recurring event

From time to time, you may need to update only one occurrence of a recurring event, like when the location or link has changed, or the time is outside the normal schedule. For instances like that, you can update just one occurrence of your event, but leave the other events alone.

We have a small group that meets every Tuesday night. However, next week's meeting has been moved to 8PM from 7PM. Let's update one occurrence.

  1. Visit the Community > Events page in your church dashboard. Then, click the event on the date you'd like to remove.

  2. Change the time of the event from 7PM to 8PM and the end time to 9PM.
  3. Scroll down and click "Save changes...
  4. To update only the event for this date, select "Only this event".

  5. You'll be returned to the Events page once your changes have been saved.

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