How to create a recurring event

Recurring events are events that repeat on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. By creating recurring events, you'll be able to quickly create a reliable calendar your whole congregation will appreciate.

For example, let's create an event for Sunday Service that repeats every Sunday.

  1. To create a recurring event, visit the Community > Events page within your church dashboard. Then, click "New Event".
  2. Fill in the basic event information. For the Date field you'll use the date of the first occurrence of your event, like this upcoming Sunday at 11AM.
  3. Scroll down to the "Repeat" section of the Event form. The Repeat section controls the schedule of your recurring event. You can repeat an event every week, every month, or every year. For our Sunday Service, you'll select "Weekly" and then click "Sun" for the day of the week we'll repeat on. It ought to look something like below.

  4. Click "Create Event" to save your new event. 

Here are a few examples of recurring schedules you can create:

  • Weekly: Every Sunday at 11AM
  • Weekly: Every other Tuesday at 8AM
  • Monthly: Every 15th of the month at 9AM
  • Monthly: Every first Sunday of the Month
  • Yearly: Every December 24th of the year at 7pm
  • Yearly: Every first Sunday of the year at 11AM

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