Respond is a guided question and answer tool. It is a powerful way to nudge yourself towards faithfulness. Your pastor will share questions for your community to engage with. Make Respond your own by adding your own cards. Respond can subscribe to categories of cards, and different cards for those categories will appear. The cards in a category are created by FaithStreet and pastors.

Types of Responses 

- Actions: When you answer an Action Card, your answer is joined by an unfilled checkbox. We'll help you accomplish your action by reminding you when you use the app and in your daily morning email.

 - Reflections: Reflection Cards are mini-journal entries. We'll occasionally remind you of past answers to these questions. In the worries of today, it's easy to forget yesterday's victory. We’ll help you remember. 

- Learnings: Prompt yourself to capture highlights from the sermon, podcast, or a recent reading. 

- Polls: Your church leadership can publish a poll card that you'll be able to see how others in your community respond.

Who can see this? 

When you answer a Respond Card, you can keep your answer private or share it with others in your community (coming soon!). Additionally, for cards that your church leaders publish, you can allow them to see an answer to an individual card as well.

How change the visibility of a Respond Card answer?

…coming soon

How to add a card to your Respond Deck?

…coming soon

How to remove a card from your Respond Deck?

…coming soon

How to create a new Respond Card?

…coming soon

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