Giving your first gift

Have you ever been sitting in service as the offering plate is passed and remembered that you haven't seen a checkbook since 2013 and it's kinda hard to give the way you'd like to without one? You can give directly to your church from FaithStreet, no paper required.

FaithStreet Giving

If your church uses FaithStreet Giving, you're probably familiar with most of this. 

To Give with FaithStreet Giving: 

  1. Press Give + 
  2. Fill in your gift information 

  3. Submit your gift

Other Giving Providers

 Your church may be using a Giving Provider besides FaithStreet. You can still use Give.

  1. Press Give +
  2. Follow the instructions from your church, but generally at this point you fill in your gift information, and submit your gift.

If your church is using a payment provider besides FaithStreet, you won't be able to view your payment information or change your payment methods. We give you an easy way to initiate a new gift.

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You can create recurring gifts, annual goals, and manage your payment methods. Learn more about Giving ›

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