How do I set up online giving?

If your church is already on FaithStreet and you are an admin:

1) Log into your FaithStreet account

2) In your church dashboard, click:

"Online Giving" --> 

"Setup Online Giving" --> 

(scroll down) --> 

Enter Payment Info --> 

Click "Enable Online Giving"

If you would like an annual or lifetime membership, please email us at You cannot sign up online for these memberships without speaking to a member of our team.

If your church is not on FaithStreet:

1) Add your church to FaithStreet:

2) Once your submission is approved, log into your account and follow the steps above.


Once you've enabled online giving, getting your bank account set up is very easy, and should take less than 5 minutes. You'll need to provide the following information:

  • Basic information about your church (Name, phone, contact, email)
  • Basic information of the person who will be the account administrator (usually the pastor)
  • The routing and account number of your church's bank account
  • Your church's EIN # (if you have one)
  • Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us