Can I create different funds or campaigns for people to give to?

Absolutely. By logging into your church's admin dashboard and clicking on the Funds button under the Online Giving navigation, you should see a box that allows you to set up a new and specific fund that you can encourage your congregation to designate their gifts towards.

You can also archive old/unused funds by hovering your mouse over a fund and clicking "archive". Archived funds will not show up in the dropdown menu on your giving page.

Note: You cannot edit fund names or the order that funds are in after creating them, so please be careful about entering in new funds! If you need a fund name changed and your fund has no donations yet, email us and we'll change it for you. If your fund has received donations already, we cannot change the name, as it's important that the record shows where the giver intended their gift to go at the time when it was given.

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