Why should I give to my church through online giving?

Here are some reasons why it's beneficial for you to give online to your church:
  1. It makes it easy to give faithfully to your church - Set up a automatic recurring gift to make a commitment to giving consistently, or to fulfill your pledge.
  2. It helps your church plan and budget well - When you give a recurring gift, it's easier for your church leaders to plan and steward your gifts in ministry.
  3. It's convenient - Give anytime, anywhere, even when you're not at service or you're out of town. Don't worry about forgetting to bring your checkbook or being distracted during service.
  4. Track your giving - Login to FaithStreet at anytime to view your past donations and edit recurring gifts.
  5. Give on any internet-connected device - It's easy to give via your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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