How does reporting work?

There are several ways of receiving information about donations made your church:

Weekly Giving Update Email

This email is sent to your giving administrators every Tuesday, given that there were donations the previous week. It includes the total amount given that week, as well as a link to the payouts detail page on FaithStreet.

FaithStreet Church Dashboard

By logging into FaithStreet, you can view donation and payout history in the "Funds/Transactions" and "Payouts" pages. You can also view gifts by giver on the "Givers" page. You can also export a csv of all the data available on these pages by clicking the "export a csv" link.

The Payout detail pages includes all the information your accountant/bookkeeper needs to reconcile data, including giver name, donation amount, fee, deposited amount, fund, memo, and more. To obtain all available information, export a csv from the payout detail page.

Request a Custom Report

You can also request a custom report from us on a regular basis that will be optimal for your specific workflow.  Let us know what kind of report you need .

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