How do I integrate online giving with my church's Facebook Page?

How to Add the “Give Online” Button to Your Church’s Facebook Page

0. Make sure you are already an administrator of your church’s Facebook Page. 

Note: If your church doesn't have a Page and has a regular Profile instead (like any individual profile on Facebook), you can convert the profile to a Page by following these instructions.

1. Visit and click on Get Started for Free

2. Sign in using Facebook

3. Make sure your church’s Facebook page is selected on the top left hand side. If not, click the dropdown and select “Other Businesses”, find your church’s page, and click “Edit Business”.

4. Click “Static Tabs” in the top bar (see above).

5. Click “HTML Fangate Tab”

6. Scroll down until you see “Page Source”. Select “Redirect”, and input your church’s giving page URL. (This is the URL of the page where people make donations, and you can find it in your FaithStreet account under Online giving > View Giving Page. Copy the URL of the page and paste it in this field.) Save your settings.

7. Click “Tab Settings” on the left hand side and change the tab image to this “Give Online” button (right click and save the following image to your computer):

Also rename your tab to “Online Giving” or “Give Online”. Save your settings.

5. Go to your Facebook Page and click "More" on the top navigation, and then "Manage Tabs".

6. Drag "Give Online" up to place it as one of the first 3 tabs.

Now, "Give Online" will show up as one of the links at the top of your church's Facebook Page!

You should also see  the “Give Online” button in the 3rd box called “Apps” on the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.46.00 PM.png


Note: Don't want to use Woobox? You can also create your own Facebook "app" and tell Facebook to link to your FaithStreet Giving Page, though it is more complicated to set up. Click here for instructions (use your giving page URL in step 5).

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