How does text-to-give work? How do I announce it?

1. Text the amount you'd like to give, e.g. "25", to your giving number: 646-832-4848
2. Click on the link you receive and fill out, input your church's Quickcode, and submit the setup form.
3.  Save your church's giving number to your contacts.

That's it! Now, whenever you want to give to your church, just text the amount, e.g. "100", to your church's giving number, and your gift will be given! 

Where can I find my church's Quickcode?
After you let us know what you'd like your church's quickcode to be, we'll set it up and confirm it with you. Then, you'll see a Text Giving page in the online giving section of your church dashboard where you can find it, in case you forget.

How does a giver change his or her text-to-give settings?
*coming soon

How can I talk about or announce text-to-give?
Check out this video!

Text to give promotion resources
About text-to-give one-pager
Text-to-give launch presentation
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Example text-to-give announcement video

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