Fellowship One integration instructions

Match fund names

The first thing you should do is make sure that all of your funds in FaithStreet exist in Fellowship One. They should all be represented there and spelled the same way. It's fine, however, to have funds in Fellowship One that  aren't present in FaithStreet.

To get to your list of funds in F1, go to Giving > Setup > Funds.

For example, if you have "General", "Missions Fund", "Building Fund", and "Activity Fees" in FaithStreet Giving, you should have these in F1:


Fellowship One

Make sure email addresses are up-to-date

It's important that your members' email addresses in CCB are up-to-date, so that when they give via FaithStreet, the correct account is updated. 

Grant access to FaithStreet on F1

1. In the Fellowship One Portal, click Admin > Integration > Applications to get to the Applications page.

2. In the "3rd Party" section, click on " FaithStreet", and then click "Grant Access". Now you've enabled access!

3. Go to Admin > Integration > Application Keys and note the Key and Secret for FaithStreet

Enter information into FaithStreet

1. Go to the online giving section of your church dashboard and click "Integrations" on the left hand side.
2. Click "Activate" under Fellowship One

3. Enter your Key, Secret, and Church Code from the F1 Application Keys page

You're done! Now, all donations given through FaithStreet will show up in Fellowship One. Existing F1 people's donations will be added to the person on F1, and new people's information will create new people.

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