Sharing a Prayer Request

Why share a prayer request? 

Prayer requests help people share the highs and lows of life together. Every church has a different way of doing this. The telephone prayer chain. The prayer card slipped in a box in the back. Spoken aloud during a service. Included in the print or email newsletter. Part of the bulletin. 

And now, with FaithStreet.

How to share a prayer request

  1. Tap Pray on the Home screen
  2. (Admins: to post a prayer on behalf of your church, click the avatar to the left of "Who can see this?" and select Pray as Church.)
  3. Tap and fill in the text area with your prayer request. Being specific, personal, and brief tends to work best.
  4. (Optionally) select prayer visibility: Just you, Leaders, Your Church or Everyone on the app. The default setting is Your Church, which means that everyone who has joined your church’s FaithStreet app will have visibility.
  5. Post

Who can see this?

There are a few options to help you share your prayer with just the right people.

Personal: Only you can see this prayer request. If you're not really ready to share, but want to build a personal prayer list. 

Church: Everyone who is a member of your church on FaithStreet can see this. 

Pastors: Only you and the pastoral team will be able to see this prayer.

Your Prayer Card

When you share your first prayer request, a Prayer Card will be created. Every person sharing prayer requests on FaithStreet receives a prayer card with the most recent prayer posted.

Prayer Cards ensure prayers are connected to people, people you know and go to church with. Prayer cards show the last three prayers shared. If you press the person's name, you'll see an expanded view with the prayers you've prayer with that person. 

What you won't see on an individual prayer card is all the prayers someone ever posted. In an age where information seems to stick around forever, we're happy to allow past public prayers to fade into privacy with time, as they do in the real world. Prayers you've personally prayed for will always be visible to you.

Your Church Prayer Card

Churches are the exception to the rules of most prayer cards. A church's Prayer Card will show up to ten prayers. Church leaders are the only people who can share on a church prayer card. Otherwise, everything's the same.

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