How to add respond cards to your church's app

  • Open the app
  • Click Respond icon
  • Click Customize

  • Click Edit as church to add church-wide respond cards
  • Click Edit as you to add cards for yourself (you can optionally give others the ability to add this card to their deck)
  • Click New Card

  • Select a Poll card for multiple choice questions that post aggregate data to all members, a Reflection card for questions with responses that users will keep to themselves that don't have an immediate next step and an Action card for questions with responses that users will keep to themselves that do have an immediate next step.
  • Click Save

Example cards

An example Reflection card might be: "How's your prayer time been this week?"

An example Action card might be: "Who can you pray for today?"

An example Poll card might be: "What time of day is your favorite time to pray?" (a) Morning, (b) Noon, (c) Early evening or (d) Late night.

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