Rock RMS Integration

RockRMS is a free, open-source relationship management software designed for churches and other organizations. FaithStreet integrates closely with Rock to allow giving on FaithStreet to seamlessly be transported to Rock's giving and people management. One great thing about using Rock alongside FaithStreet is the the time you'll save not transferring records from one system to another.
By activating the RockRMS integration from your church administrator dashboard, FaithStreet will send payment receipts to Rock. If the giver doesn't exist in Rock already, FaithStreet will create that person. If a person already exists matching the information available on FaithStreet, the gift will be associated with their record in Rock.

Activation Instructions

  1. You'll need a RockRMS username and password to get started.
  2. Visit your church dashboard. Click Integrations. Click "Activate" on the Rock RMS integration.

  3. Fill in the username and password for the account you'd like to use with Rock. You may want to create a separate user solely for FaithStreet/Rock integration.
  4. Fill in the public url of your Rock website, for example Be sure to include the https://.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are givers matched between RockRMS and FaithStreet?

Givers are matched by two criteria. First, is there a Person on RockRMS matching the Giver's email address on FaithStreet? Second, is there a person on RockRMS matching the giver's first name and last name?

If no match is found, a new person is created on RockRMS and matched to the giver.

Once a person is matched, even if that person's name or email changes on either RockRMS or FaithStreet, the integration will continue to match correctly.

2. Will my past gifts be added to RockRMS once I active the integration?

Only new gifts are migrated to the RockRMS. Past gifts are not added to remove the risk of duplicate gifts being created.

3. I have more questions about how this integration works or would like to see a feature added. Who do I contact?

Open the contact form or email us at

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