Planning Center Online Integration

FaithStreet is excited to launch an integration with Planning Center Online.

Not everyone needs access to everything. Use the best tool for the job.
FaithStreet Giving takes singular, focused approach to building the best giving experience. Online doesn’t have to mean more convenient but less meaningful.

Here’s how to connect

1. First, you’ll need to give FaithStreet and Planning Center permission to work together.

2. Go to Integrations in your church dashboard.

3. Click Activate beneath Planning Center Online. Click Activate on the window that appears. You will be redirected to Planning Center (if you’re not logged in to PCO already, you’ll need to log in) and confirm that you want to give FaithStreet permission.

4. You’ll be redirected back to FaithStreet’s integration page and if everything goes well, the Planning Center Online Integration should turn green. That’s it!

Here’s what will happen:

Gifts - Gifts on FaithStreet will automatically be sent as Donations to PCO.
Givers - Givers on FaithStreet will appear in both People and Giving on Planning Center Online. If you don’t already have a record for a person on FaithStreet we’ll create one for you. If they’re already in your system, we’ll do our best to connect the two.
Funds - Funds on FS will match up to Designations on PCO. If we can’t find a fund that matches by name on PCO, we’ll create a new fund for you.
Payouts: Payouts on FaithStreet appear as Batches in PCO. Batches are groupings of payments, and a convenient way to organize payments. We recommend leaving Batches created by FaithStreet on PCO to themselves. Donations will be added, and the Batch will commit on its own as soon as the payout on FS succeeds.

Why FaithStreet + Planning Center?
Gifts given on FaithStreet will now appear on PCO. Planning Center does a good job of building tools for the administration of a church. FaithStreet supports your givers directly.

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