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  1. Adding giving administrators

  2. Adding the online giving button into your Gmail signature

  3. Adding the online giving button to a MailChimp email newsletter

  4. Adding the online giving button to your Constant Contact email newsletter

  5. Adding the online giving button to your Squarespace website

  6. Adding the online giving button to your Weebly website

  7. Adding the online giving button to your Wix website

  8. Adding the online giving button to your Wordpress website

  9. Are all credit and debit card processing fees the same no matter what card is used?

  10. Are donors provided with reports for tax reporting?

  11. Are there any printable materials I can provide to givers?

  12. Can I create different funds or campaigns for people to give to?

  13. Can I integrate FaithStreet online giving with my church management or accounting system?

  14. Can you add my denomination or faith to FaithStreet?

  15. Church Community Builder integration instructions

  16. Do I need a website to use online giving by FaithStreet?

  17. Does creating a FaithStreet profile cost anything?

  18. Does FaithStreet accept Canadian (and other non-US countries) churches?

  19. Does my church need its own merchant account?

  20. Fellowship One integration instructions

  21. How are processing fees deducted?

  22. How can I add my church to the directory?

  23. How can I collect physical addresses of givers?

  24. How can I create a personal FaithStreet account?

  25. How can I delete a church profile?

  26. How can I promote my FaithStreet profile on Facebook?

  27. How can I reset my password?

  28. How can online givers participate during the offering time at my church?

  29. How can someone without a computer or smartphone set up an online gift?

  30. How do I add a shortcut to my church's giving page on my phone?

  31. How do I add the online giving button into my email newsletter?

  32. How do I become an administrator and/or add another administrator to my church profile?

  33. How do I change or delete a recurring gift?

  34. How do I edit service times?

  35. How do I edit the information on my church profile?

  36. How do I give online with my bank account?

  37. How do I increase, reduce or change the amount of my recurring gift?

  38. How do I integrate online giving with my church's Facebook Page?

  39. How do I integrate online giving with my website?

  40. How do I know transactions are secure?

  41. How do I set up online giving?

  42. How do I update my credit card?

  43. How do I upload or remove photos?

  44. How do I use text-to-give?

  45. How does reporting work?

  46. How does text-to-give work? How do I announce it?

  47. How long does it take to process a donation?

  48. How much does online giving cost?

  49. How often do we get deposits to our bank account?

  50. How to accept annual pledges online via FaithStreet

  51. How to add the Plan Your Visit form widget to your church website

  52. How to change whether I pay the fee or not

  53. How to set up a recurring gift

  54. How to stop a recurring gift

  55. I'd like to help FaithStreet by [insert idea here]!

  56. I'd like to report an error.

  57. I'm trying to contact someone within a specific church, or need to ask a specific church a question. Can you help?

  58. If a donor chooses to pay the transaction fees for their gift, are the transaction fees tax deductible?

  59. Is my donated fee tax-deductible?

  60. Is there a setup fee? Monthly minimum?

  61. My church appears in the wrong place on the map.

  62. My gift failed to process - now what?

  63. Planning Center Online Integration

  64. Re: Look who's interested in visiting your church!

  65. Rock RMS Integration

  66. Stewardship with credit/debit cards

  67. What are FaithStreet Badges?

  68. What are the fees for failed bank account or credit card transactions?

  69. What are the options for transaction fees?

  70. What is FaithStreet?

  71. What is the commitment like? Is a contract needed?

  72. What is the Leader iOS app?

  73. What kind of support will I receive from my giving coach?

  74. Where should we put the giving button on our website?

  75. Why should I give to my church through online giving?

  76. Why should my church use online giving?

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