What kind of support will I receive from my giving coach?

The team at FaithStreet cares about you and your church, and will guide you in making online giving a success! Here's what you can expect from your giving coach:
  • Setup - We'll help you get the online giving button installed on your website, Facebook, email newsletter, and any other social media or communication channels.
  • Launch preparation - You'll schedule a call with your coach to make sure you have everything you need to launch online giving well. We'll send you free promotional materials that are customized for your church.
  • Best practices for online giving course - We'll send you practical tips and best practices for communication and more in a weekly email course, for the first few months as you get started with FaithStreet online giving.
  • Fast, responsive customer service - If you need anything, we're here to help! Email us at support@faithstreet.com, or call us, to get an answer to your questions within a few hours.

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