Why should my church use online giving?

There are many reasons why your church should offer online giving:

Checks are disappearing

From 2011-2012, 1.5 billion fewer checks were written. The younger generation doesn't even own checks.

From Federal Reserve Payments Study (2013)

People want to give online

81% of Americans are online, 56% have smartphones, 66% pay bills online, and 61% have given online already.

From 2011-2012, online giving increased 14%. Offline giving only increased 1.5%.

People give more online

Previous studies have shown that implementing online giving well at a church can increase overall giving by 10-30%.

More consistent and convenient giving

With automatic recurring (and one-time) gifts, supporters can set up their monthly pledge or donation once and not worry about forgetting their checkbook on Sunday, or missing a gift when they're on vacation. People can give anywhere, anytime, in a private and secure manner.

Less administrative burden for your church

With online gifts, there's no need to count or record money manually. We send receipts and year-end giving statements (optional) for you. We even send one-time givers reminders to give again (optional). We deposit all donations to your church's bank account automatically each week.

Did you know that 25% of churches already offer some type of online giving option? Your church can, too!

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