Stewardship with credit/debit cards

Is giving with all credit/debit cards allowed?

Yes, you can give on FaithStreet with any debit or credit card. At this time, you cannot exclude credit cards.

How can our church discourage debt while encouraging online giving?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to responsibly give and support their faith, while discouraging debt. We recognize that many people (including us!) use credit cards to pay bills, earn “points” and responsibly pay off balances at the end of each month. 

That being said, using credit cards can be a temptation to many to fall into debt. As a church, you can choose to encourage online giving via debit cards - cards that are linked directly to a person's bank account. You can make this encouragement verbally, as well as on your church website's stewardship page. 

Overall, online giving is a great tool to use, and should be used within the context of good financial stewardship, taught through messages and workshops that explain budgeting, savings, and more.

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